January 17, 2008

Cotton kimono
Screenprint Tee
Iron Army denim
Carin Wester scarf
RBK leather wrestling boots
Chopard LUC 2000 watch



  1. Hey Kalle

    Though the intention was good and I appreciate it
    I think the only downer in this outfit are those iron Armies. Doesn’t work for me.
    Everything else is nice.
    I like that kimono thing! It looks so light and comfy. And that shirt looks interesting.

    cheers mate

  2. Hi M,

    I know you guys are´nt fans of the IA´s 🙂

    I am!


  3. Hi,

    I am a fan of the IA’s. I also think this whole outfit kills. Like the way you have your boots, and the way you wear the kimono.


  4. Thanks a lot Jovlu!!


  5. Hey Kalle!

    Really really like everything…except the scarf. I can see what you were trying to do with the contrast, something about it just turns me off =(. But I do love love love the iron armies. Are those the toshiros? They look different from the ones I’ve seen. Oh and the LUC 2000 is simply amazing =)

  6. Thanks NWM!

    I think they are Toshiro Itos, I´ll check when I come home. I love the LUC as well the whole LUC range is in my opinion among the best finished watches there are, in my experience even superseding Pateks in many regards.

    All my best,


  7. Thanks TKL. I wasn’t sure because those look darker than the toshiros I’ve seen in pictures online, but I think it might just be the lighting. I’m thinking about asking for a LUC as a graduation present, but I’m afraid it might be a bit pretentious for a 21 yr old college grad to be walking around with such a fine piece =).

  8. One can always ask… 🙂

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