January 19, 2008

Cotton Kimono
Veronique Branquinho scarf
Carol Christian Poell trousers
John Morre cordovan boots



  1. Now thats what I’m talking about! Its like a new an improved version of yesterday! Nicely put together. Btw, that cotton kimono looks really thin, aren’t you cold outside? Maybe its just because I’m sick but I feel cold just looking at you in that picture!

  2. HI and thanks!

    Yes I could not be outdoors like this for any longer than it took to run out and snap the pic! I did not go by home yesterday do you are right part of the outfit is a rework of yesterdays 😉


  3. You wore that same thing two days (almost) in a row… Are you not feeling well at the moment?

    I have been away for a couple of days which is why I didn’t comment on you previous pic. I really didn’t like it, I am affraid. The kimono didn’t really work with the rest of the outfit, nor did the Wester scarf. But both parts would do well in other outfits – the kimono works way better in this outfit.

    I pretty much like everything in this outfit and it fits perfectly, but it would have worked better with a tee that didn’t have print and did have a u-neck or a deep v-neck, I think.

    Did you attend the Wester sample sale sometime ago? I saw this guy on Manligt who got a lot of great older pieces for absolutely nothing.

    And do you have some sort of clothing fetich? Like do you like Japanese denim or Italian silk socks…

  4. Hi Simon,

    Yeah I did´nt pass by home yesterday. I did not go to the Wester thing.

    I have a fetish for all clothes! 🙂


  5. That really is a nice look…. I love the way you mix the colours up now! (Lights and darks)

    You look very stylish….. very! 🙂

  6. Thanks a bunch Andy! Glad you like it 🙂


  7. I dunno about the CCP trousers fit on you. Most prolly it’s just the pic – I trust Poell’s Talent. haha.

    I think this outfit would have been better replacing the kimono thing with something more structured. Or anything that’s not clinched on your waist like that.

    Anyway, you always look good.

  8. Hi marcus, thanks for commenting!

    I think the waist looks very clinched partly because of the wind that blows the kimono out, indoos it is much slimmer along my body 🙂


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