January 21, 2008

Pudel hooded scarf
Filippa K jacket
Margiela longsleeve

Rick Owens waxed denim
Bernhard Willhelm hightops




  1. Fantastic.


  2. Thanks a bunch!


  3. Awesome!

    Rick Owens… 🙂

  4. You look sensational… slim and superb

    (Hey Simon and jovlu….)

  5. TKL..

    Just noticed that was three words beginning with ‘S’… thought I’d better not use a fourth… ‘s*xy’ LOL

  6. Sank Sou Suys! Super satisfactory So Sear Sour Somments!


  7. Nice =) I especially like the pudel cardigan (what i can see of it) and those high tops!

  8. Thanks NWM!


  9. Hey Kalle, how well do you know Whyred’s collection and the prices? I saw the shoe that they made last summer I think, called Serge and I really want it now, as it looks a bit more sturdy than the Repetto Zizi… So I was wondering if you knew how much they are?


  10. Hi Simon,

    I like Whyred but I am not sure which shoes you mean, nor their price. Sorry 😦


  11. SUUUPPP TKL, i emailed you once, i’m from london! I finally got the blog up and running – i want to check it out and let me know what you think? I’ve put a link on my blog to yours, cos it’s one of my favs, could you possibly put mine on yours? lol…i would love for more people to see it!

    I wanted ask if i could do a feature on you, like i did for the other? It would be absolutely perfect for what i’m going for. Let me know either way! and comment if you want.


  12. Oops, i forgot to give the url:


  13. Wow,

    You have put a lot of work into your blog, great! I like it and I will continue following the blog. I don+t even know how to put links in but I´ll invetsigate the matter.


  14. Great! So can i do a feature on you? its a love your style thing,cos i do, and guys will def learn soemthing from you, and how to put together something that sexy and understated, like how you have done! sorta like a best dressed mystery guy thing? if i could have your permission on the pictures on your site, i’ll just be using the url to them, so the only thing ill probbly do to them is resize it?

    thanks for replying!

  15. Hi D,

    Ofcourse you may use my pics! Thank you very much for the compliments they are much appreciated!


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