January 24, 2008

Whyred heavy wool coat
Dior Homme Super Slender jeans
Fendi shell cordovan shoes



  1. Like your coat…. very much.

    You have a more formal look today, any particular reason?

  2. Hi,

    It was yesterday night actually, only going out for a glass of wine with a friend.

    Thanks Andy!


  3. Nice pose with the umbrella. And the outfit looks alright though the picture doesn’t reveal any details.

    Well the shoes that I was talking about is very similar to the Repetto “Zizi” which Serge Gainsbourg made legendary by almost only wearing them (he bought several pairs a month) paired with a pair of Levis 501 and. Therefore the model is also called Serge (I don’t know this for sure, but I reckon it is a qualified guess)

    http://www.cafe.se/?id=775&cid=626778&postid=7593 (Robin Klang is wearing them on the right)

    Here it is in the new collection I think, though in canvas or maybe suede

    Here is an image of the actual shoe that I found somewhere…

    I hope you can recognise it.

  4. Hi Simon,

    Still no idea of price or which collection. Send Whyred an email ??


  5. I would say the pose makes the picture! Seems like a pretty safe/boring outfit but more than enough for wine with a friend =)

    On a side note, my dormitory has no hot water and I am stuck waiting for it to shower. Oh woe.

  6. I just noticed that this is the first ‘play’ outfit in like 50 posts! Either you’re not posting your play outfits or you’re working way too much kalle!

  7. Hi NWM,

    I think it´s a bit of both… When I play it is generally dark and I seldom have my cam with me, but I could also play more 🙂

    No shower, that´s horrible!


  8. Ok, thanks, Kalle. I just figured that Whyred is a rather big corporation that they wouldn’t have time to answer me and it is not on their webshop, which isn’t working by the way. Oh, well… If you see them in one of the Whyred shops in Sthlm, please remember the price and quality.

    NWM: Just enjoy being filthy, as you now have an excuse for being messy and dirty. Ask all of your friends to come over and have a party in your sty.


  9. TKL – I figured as much =). Take your pictures inside then! It would save you from having to brave the cold weather everyday. As for the shower, I ended up taking a cold one which was not pleasant.

    Simon – I would but unfortunately I can’t stand being filthy, I’m a bit of a neat freak 🙂

  10. I’m sure some of you guys might have already read about this, but what does everyone think?


    Should he be allowed to become a doctor?

    *Sorry if if you don’t want me posting this TKL, I know its off topic so feel free to delete it if you wish

  11. A cold shower, NWM…. that sounds totally unexciting!
    Do hope you’ve got it fixed now…

    Hey Simon…. and TKL.

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