January 30, 2008

Commes des Garcons coat
Whyred hoodie
Number (N)ine denim
German Military sneakers



  1. I just love your coat.. I am so glad you mix up colours now!

    Everything works so well in this outfit.

  2. Thanks Andy!

    Spring is approaching and colours are due 🙂


  3. Spring is indeed coming, and I’m grateful to see some color in this one. I’ve seen you wear the jacket before and i love it, but I don’t really like it in this outfit =(. On a brighter note its 48 degrees here in New York City!* Hurrah!

    *Disclaimer, there are also 20 mph winds and rain. Oh well.

  4. Hi bill!

    Thanks for commenting! I´ll try to keep the colour coming…

    I envy your temperature but not the wind 🙂


  5. The lower part of the outfit is great.. It is the best sneakers ever made IMO. I have used mine for a long time and I have to get some new real soon. I should have bought the purple Margiela ones when I had the chance, though his regular white aren’t as beautiful as the original.

    What are the gloves? It is a stupid question, but good gloves are always hard to find.

  6. Hi Simon,

    I agree with all your points! The gloves are “Linneverket” a swedish brand with focus on materials. They are a beautifully soft cashmere wool mix.


  7. I agree with Bill, seems like a smart guy. That was actually me, a friend was logged onto my account so there was some mix up. At second glance (and a quick google search) I REALLY like those sneakers! How is the sizing on those kalle? Anyone know where I can purchase them here in the states or online? Thanks!

  8. You should be able to get the sneaks from any Margiela retailer- They run fairly true to size.



  9. Awesome Coat Kalle!

    I like the hoodie combo too.

    I like this one. Cheers!


  10. Thanks M!


  11. NVM: You can buy originals vintage German army sneakers on eBay.

    I can easily send you a link to a very friendly seller that sells them if you give me your e-mail.

    Kalle, please post an outfit today. It’s my birtday (and I’ll cry if I want to…) today and I need some sort of amusement.

    Kind regards

  12. Oh Happy Birthday Simon 🙂
    I wish you all the best in the world!

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