Happy birthday Simon! :)

January 31, 2008

Raf Simons jacket
Alexander McQueen shirt
Nicolo Ceschi Berrini longsleeve
Dior Homme Super Slender jeans



  1. Hi,

    And of course: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON :)!

    This looks good, the jacket is great and so is the jeans. The pic is quite dark, which makes it hard to see the other part of the outfit. Maybe a different shoe choice.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks jovlu!


  3. Fantastic outfit, TKL… Nice to see you in a dress shirt! 🙂

    Really, really nice.


  4. Thanks Andy,

    Its actually a rather heavy fabric more like a shirt-jacket, but nonetheless 🙂


  5. OMG… This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!

    You rock, my friend!

    Well I am off to dinner, have fun you guys.

    Thansk again 😉


  6. Have fun Simon and happy birthday!


  7. Happy birthday Simon!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful (shot in the dark) 29th. Kalle, I really like the raf jacket and the outfit as a whole, and i love converse so A++! Oh and is the anti-accessory TKL wearing a necklace?! What has the world come to?!

  8. Oh and about the sneaks, I’ll check out the margiela store near me, thanks for the tip kalle. Simon, I would appreciate it if you could send me that link, thanks: nwm206@nyu.edu is my e-mail. Happy birthday again!

  9. Hi nwm,

    I like cons a lot to!

    I do actually wear necklaces but not bracelets (or very rarely) and never ever rings!

    Glad we (mostly Simon) could help with the sneaks!


  10. Cons are the best and they always will be. Pure classics… Only Springcourts can compete with them, though the price makes the difference – for me at least. I like other sneakers too, designer ones that is, though I always go back to Converse. They simply go well with everything. Not suits thoug, Kalle 😉

    Kalle: What necklaces do you wear? I mostly wear some vintage ones that I have found. And I have 2 from Peter Jensen. But I am having difficulties finding others… I don’t like Dior Homme and I don’t like most Surface 2 Air (though the chain is quite nice), so help me with some inspiration – that goes for all of your guys…
    – I need to collect some birthday money tommorow and I hope I get enough so I can justify buying that Wester slipover of yours.

    NWM: I am not 29!! I just turned 22… Which I think is old.


  11. Simon…. you wait until you reach 24…. then you’ll feel old!

  12. I’m looking at your pic again, Kalle…. you look fantastic. Is your shirt completely undone (showing off your black long-sleeve)

  13. Happy Birthday Simon!!!
    How come all of you know when’s simon’s bday is?

    Simon : You’re not old. We’re fucking ageless.
    I must be the youngest here 19.

    Anyway, Kalle, That is an amazing outfit. What turns me off though are the Cons. But they’re okay just not a huge fan.

    Helo to everyone – Jovlu, ANDY

  14. Hello Marcus! 19? You spring chicken!

  15. Hi guys,

    Simon I have a few necklaces that I had made up to my requests by a local designer/jeweller. I also have two Julius one Number (N)ine two Carol Christina Poells and several more of various sort. I agree about the mass produced DH and S2A etc.

    Hope your birthday was great.


  16. Sounds great, Kalle. I would love to see some of it sometime.

    I have nothing against mass produced jewellery if I could just find some that I found beautiful.

  17. Hi,

    I would´nt like jewellery that I may see one someone else… Another tip is Husam El Odeh from whom I own a few pieces, a little less expensive than the others.


  18. This Husam dude seems quite good. I am not over the top excited from what I can see on his website, but I will see if I can find more.

    I just bought a Jonathan Anderson necklace for my girlfriend which was so stupid taking my finances into consideration, but it is really something special. It is enormous (it weighs almost a kilo I think) and it has to colourful, real beetles, which shells gradiates different colours, incased in plexiglass on each side.
    It takes a lot to wear it as it is gigantic, but when people see the bugs they get really fascinated or creeped out – either or. So it gets a lot of response.

  19. Hi,

    Sound cool, I have´nt heard of Jonathan Anderson I think. Please provide pic of the necklace (and of your girlfriend perhaps 🙂


  20. A Kilo?!?

    I want to see it..

    I am planning to make my own accessories soon. Necklaces, rings, bracelets.. I’m going to study working with metals soon which is part of my career path, and hopefully by mid year I get to put up a small website with my own designs and of course hand made accessories.

    When that happens I’m gonna send each one of you a piece – It’s possible.

    Oh and kalle, show us details close ups of your outfits next time! It would be cool to see small cool details and accessories. Cheers

  21. Great Marcus,

    Looking forward to see your stuff!

    Takes to long to snap closeups but I´ll see if I can add one every now and then.


  22. Jonathan Anderson just graduated from Central Saint Martins I think. He has his own line and he has been headhunted by several big fashion houses and finally hired to do couture jewellery for Dior (or maybe some other house, I would have to check up on that)

    Here are some pics of the necklace hanging on the wall, my girlfriend is over the ocean. You really don’t get the idea of how big it is, but actually I think it is the big pearls that ads a lot of weight.




    (I have a German friend who is a photographer and she says that she prefers photographing jewellery as it doesn’t complain, but I have to say that photographing jewllery is a bitch)

    Marcus: It sounds fantastic!!! Please let us know when you have some pieces to show. I am really interested.


  23. I forgot to say that you have to press on the image to see it full size. I know this is obvious to most of you, but it might not be to some, including myself.


  24. I like it!

    I am sure she looks great wearing this necklace!


  25. She looks great wearing anything – or nothing…

    I am glad you like it!

    PS: Check you mail.


  26. Me too…my last girlfriend said and i quote “you have the body of a god.” Anyways i like the necklace Simon, your girlfriend is lucky to have someone like you!

    I know this is probably impossible, but can anyone recognize this scarf Brad Pitt is wearing? I fell in love as soon as I saw the picture…


  27. Hi NWM,

    Hard to tell but Burberry Prorsum has a a scarf that is at least very similar.


  28. Yeah, I can’t really see the details, so it could be anything basically, but check thefashionspot.com they have a lot of threads regarding celebrity style.


  29. Thanks guys, appreciate the help. I found some other pictures of the scarf on fashionspot and I’m not crazy about it anymore, seems like a pretty generic knit scarf. See below:

    I think it was the lighting in the first photo I posted that made it look more sheen than it actually is.

  30. damn kalle this is a record. 30 Comments on a post!

  31. perhaps it is? That´s great, must be because we all like Simon so much!


  32. =) That and the fact that you haven’t graced us with a post for a couple of days! I’m starting to go through withdrawal..

    FYI, weather in NYC is 41 deg with 2 mph winds! Woohoo! I’m off to get a sesame bagel with cream cheese tomatoes and lox! Wow, four exclamations in a row! Make it 5! I’m on fire!

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