May 10, 2008

Filippa K cardigan
Hope Tee
Dior Homme cords
Premiata shoes



  1. Fantastic

  2. Thanks Andy but I think I look very weired because of the angle (my legs look loooong) 🙂


  3. I don’t think you look weird at all. I like you with looooooooong legs, anyway 🙂

  4. Why isn’t my comment here? I think I commented on in sunday morning. Or maybe I didn’t. It was late and I was cold and drunk.

    Anyways, I like the cords, so much. They look so great on you. But I think the t-shirt is a bit too short compared to the cardian. There is a long gap between the two. It looks a bit weird…

    I hope all of you guys are doing great!

    Are the Premiata your new favourite shoes btw?

    And do you wear shorts, Kalle? haha 😉


  5. Hi Simon,

    I agree the tee looks completely off in this pic!

    I am breaking in the Premiatas 🙂 Rarely shorts for me…. you?


  6. I think I am really practical in many ways, so yeah, I would wear shorts, but good ones are hard to find. I have just bought a pair from COS, but I can’t make up my mind about them. I try not to wear shorts, but sometimes you can’t go without them.
    It is a funny subject. A lot of men get disgusted with shorts and some live in them. But good ones are find.

    Can you buy COS in Stockholm?? It is amazing. For the price you can’t go wrong with them. Especially their mercerized cotton tees. They are only £10 and they fit really well. The quality is just as good as the Schiesser x Murkudis tees that I have.


  7. Hi,

    No strangely enough we don´t have COS in Stockholm. Thanks for the tip on the tees! I need tees and shall defenetively get some of those to try out.


  8. Ok, I didn’t think you needed anything… 🙂

    Well, they also have some sheer (is that the right word?) t-shirts in really thin cotton, might be pima cotton, but they aren’t as good as the mercerized ones. The cut on them is pretty much like Acnes, so nothing interesting, but you could always find a scissor and have fun.

    And yeah, it is a bit weird that there isn’t one in Stockholm yet. The reason, or so they say, is that they want it to be something different from H&M -they are something different – and they don’t want to be associated with H&M in some ways.

    So take a trip to Copenhagen, Kalle.


  9. Yes Copenhagen might be a good idea, not only for COS tees 🙂


  10. You are rigth, the Danish girls might also be another reason for going… I can’t come up with any other.

    Beers maybe? I see a lot of Swedes taking the trip to Denmark just to buy beer.


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