May 16, 2008

Carol Christian Poell leather jacket
Donna Karen scarf
Dior Homme silver-thread jeans
Paul Harnden shoemakers boots
Filippa K driving gloves



  1. Wow, fantastic outfit… This is one of your best. But the bag looks hideous, but it isn’t an integral part of the outfit so it doesn’t matter.


  2. That bag is great! One of my very favs!

    Thanks anyway 🙂


  3. What can I say…..? 🙂

  4. Hey Kalle, long time no see 🙂

    I just have a question for all of you guys: What sunglasses do you wear or which shades would you like to wear? I have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers model 2140 and I like them a lot, as they are timeless iconic shades. I had a pair of Persol, not the classic/iconic ones (model 649 and 714 -if I remember correctly) which I forgot somewhere.
    I am actually thinking about buying some Persols again either 649 or 714, as I think Steve Mcqueen looks a bit cool.

    Lets discuss a bit, guys.


  5. Hi Simon,

    I am interested in this as well as I am not well oriented in shades.

    The Gucci shades by Tom Ford during his last three seasons are amazing quality as they were constructed at an italian factory rather than the usuall deigner factories. I think some of these designs are awsome but the shades from this particular time is highly coveted and sell for more than they were at retail so it is not really a bargain.


  6. That green bag is sweet. Who is it by?

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