May 25, 2008

Hope jacket
Dior Homme denim
Officine Creative shoes



  1. Love the shoes.

    Love the outfit.

    Hope you’re doing well kalle.

    All the best


  2. Fine outfit again. Though the angle makes you shoulder look weird.

    To continue the discussion.
    I think some of the Tom Ford shades look really good, but I have to say that one of the things that inspire me at the moment is heritage. I am really into some of the iconic and timeless pieces in fashion and the heritage. That is why I was thinking about getting me a pair of Persol. Are there other iconic pieces or just great shades around? I have also seen some of the Cutler & Gross shades in a shop in Copenhagen. They look great and the quality seems good as well, but they are a bit pricy I think.


  3. Hi,

    Not a big fan og Fords currents stuff. I like Cutler a lot though!

    Also check old Helmut Langs from the 90´s = awsome!


  4. I don’t think I have seen any Helmut Lang shades or at least I haven’t taken notice to them if I have seen them.

    BTW, this was sent to me via Facebook.

    “Carin Wester sent a message to the members of Carin Wester.

    Subject: utförsäljning

    Utförsäljning av prover och gamla kollektioner.
    Fredagen den 30e maj kl 08-18 samt lördagen den 31a maj kl 10-18.
    Rörstrandsgatan 24.
    Varmt välkomna!”

    I don’t know if you already know about it, but I just wanted to make sure that you were aware about it.

    I am actually thinking about going there, as I have some time off because of a strike amongst kindergarten teachers where I work as a substitute. Do you think it would be worthwhile travelling to Stockholm for a few days to attend that sample sale?


  5. Hi Simon,

    I don´t know really. I have been to one of here sample sales and it was 95% womens wear. I may try to go send me an email and I could look out for you if you are not going.


  6. Ok, doesn’t sound too promising then. At least not if I were to base a weekend trip to Stockholm on it… 🙂 But I think I remember some guy on Manligt, who bought a huge load of Wester garments for nothing really at her previous sample/stock sale.

    I will quickly check for pics of things I might be interested in.


  7. BTW Kalle, if I decide to go to Sthlm, can you recommend any shops? I could read some shopping guides and so on, but I am interested in your personal opinion.


  8. Hi,

    The shopping guides is probably better for two reasons:
    1) I don´t shop much in Stockholm but rather when I travel.
    2) there is no good shopping in Stockholm 🙂

    That said, NK has upped there game in terms of what designers they carry this year unfortunatly they do as all swedish shops –> buy the most boring and conservatice stuff from the interesting designers so that they could as well not carry them…

    Also the dep. store PUB is getting better and better but I have not visited this year.

    On Sodermalm you hav a lot of smaller shops where good stuff may be found but again I haven´t been in years so no specific tips.



  9. Damn, Kalle… Haven’t been there in years??? You must go out shopping sometimes, since you always incorporate something from a Swedish brand in your outfit. You do pay some sort of homage to the Swedish designers at least.

    Well, I just checked superfuture and it looks as if there are some descent shops. But nothing really, really good and I guess, I won’t be having too much time if we decide to go.

    Thanks anyways


  10. Ok, I am officially a looser. I got stood up by my friends today, so instead of going drinking, I re-read the whole TKL blog!! And what a read it has been. Fantastic stuff.
    I also noticed that it has been a year since you started the blog, Kalle. Congrats. And thanks.

    First of all, I have to say that I like this blog a lot. I check it at least once a day to see if there is a new outfit. And luckily there is one most days, though Kalle has been “slacking” lately, but we aren’t holding it against you.

    One thing I really miss, is all the Spencer Hart things. Lately I have started to appreciate suits and bespoke tailoring. I am a newbie to the subject, but I am trying to learn as much as I can about it at the moment. But when I see you in the Spencer Hart suits, I can only sigh and wish that I had just one of the suits that you have. They are so beautiful and you should wear them more often.
    The rest of your wardrobe is amazing too – and gigantic. Most things seem to have been worn only once – unless you change outfits 5 times a day that is.

    Something I haven’t been aware of either is that you also have a cool watch collection.

    Now I can’t stop thinking about wether you also have the coolest sock collection??? 😉

    I was thinking about putting together a little test, just to see if you also had a pair of Dr. Martens or a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket for instance, but I guess, you would put a cross a all things, and that would make me feel too suicidally inferior 🙂

    So Kalle, keep up the amazing work that you have put in to this blog. I know that other the guy (was it Dennis??) said it before me on his blog, but I still have to express my appreciation.


  11. Simon…. well said and I endorse 100% your words. We’re really fortunate to be part of a great circle of friendship.

    I like it too when Kalle wears suits (esp with a shirt and tie 😉 )

    Hope all of my friends are OK.

  12. Thanks guys!

    I´ll try to improve the posting 🙂


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