June 1, 2008

Rick Owens leather jacket
Prince tour Tshirt
Martin Margiela tank
Dior Homme denim
Carol Christian Poell shoes



  1. You really pulled out the big guns this time. But I don’t really see where the Prince tour t-shirt fits in? I mean… Prince??!?!?!

    That leather jacket is killer by the way. Very, very nice indeed. And great stacking on the Diors too.


  2. Thanks!

    Prince is the killer though! 🙂


  3. We shouldn’t discuss music, I think 🙂


  4. That jacket is intense.

    Love the dior fit too.

    Oh is that a prince tshirt? wait,,, Prince?! wtf.

    Cheers kalle. lookin good man

  5. I don´t get that you guys have not realized Prince is probably the all time hero of pop-music, weired!


  6. Hahahaha 😉 Great one, Marcus.

    I guess you would also call Celine Dion the best singer in the world then, Kalle…

    But wait!!! Didn’t you have a Surfjan Stevens t-shirt on at some point? The heat is killing me at the moment, so I haven’t got the energy to look for the picture.


  7. As you even mention Prince and Dion in the same sentance I take it your music history is severly lacking 🙂


  8. Hahaha… You are really defensive this time. You must really have a close relationship with Prince..

    I know my musical history, that much I can tell you. But in my library The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (is that still his name or did he go back?) and Celine Dion are both categorized under the same things – that being: Lame, kitsch, horrible, bad, awful, cacophonic etc etc etc.

    Sorry, my friend 🙂


  9. Yes I do have Prince close to my heart and you just proved I was right about you and music. Don´t worry you´ll get in in due time!


  10. *Cliff Richard* swoon.

    You look fantastic Kalle, so much better than Simon 😉

  11. Thanks! It is the Prince that makes the look, right?!



  12. Hahaha 🙂

    I knew it would end this way. But seriously, I respect whatever music you guys might like. I am not even going to tell, what music I prefer.


  13. You’ve got to tell, Simon 😉

    To be honest, I don’t like Cliff Richard. My mum does though. However, I like Queen, ABBA.

  14. That JACKET ❤

    Prince is great Simon and Marcus.

    You look good,

  15. Okay sorry for my ignorance but I’ve just stereotyped prince and the genre.. like generally. I don’t hate it and im sure they have great contributions to ‘music’. I’m not a fan tho.

    Each to his own 🙂

    Oh and don’t get me started on celine dion. Looks like me and simon have the same views on this!

  16. Kalle, it has been more than two weeks… 🙂

  17. Prince is ‘lame’? wtf… who can say they know music and claim Prince is ‘lame’…? sorry…

  18. Hi,

    How are things going Kalle? Are still dressing in good health?



  19. Nice style! Have you checked out the Copenhagen boys from http://www.style.dk ? Cool blog for men!

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