TKL is inside the garments.

The “WORK” or “PLAY” headings indicate the intended environment in which the outfits are worn. “WORK” usually means that I have just gone up and quickly picked something to put on (my work rarely demands any particular way of dressing). “PLAY” indicate that I am going out or meeting friends etc. A little more effort is put-in when choosing attire for these latter occasions.

I try to never wear the same outfit twice, I enjoy varying styles and some experimenting will be seen. Sometimes it comes out OK other times the outfits may be less sharp but I hope most are at least interesting or provoking…

If you think TKL should put other garments on instead, or if you actually like the ones choosen, please tell!

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  1. Hey, I’m a fan of your blog and i must say this is one of the best (let’s say) of those “personal fashion blogs” I’ve encountered. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your style and the guts to actually pull these things off – think, wear, and actually Pull It Off. Hey, it’s not easy. So props for that.

    Yeah, cool blog mate. keep it up. I’ll be a regular visitor.

  2. Thank You Marcus!

    looking forward to your visits and comments!


  3. Hahahahaha Here comes the gay community…

    You really have to stop working out, TKL. Not that I am into the skinny body type or anything but I really feel that one has to adapt to the body type given by birth. I mean, one can see that you are really skinny hence the small waistline, but at the same time your upper body is really big giving your this reversed triangular shape which IMO isn’t good – at all. No offense though.

    Still I think it is great to see a big diversity in style and brands. Eventhough some things aren’t my taste I still read your blog everyday since you are frequent blog’er and you are thorough when you give feedback to the people that gives your comments (and compliments and what not)

    BUT you need to personalize the blog more. Let us now some things. Not neccesarily about your personal life, but give us some comments on where your style is going and what brands are going to be hot this winter and so on and so on.

    (commented by Simon on 20070816, /TKL)

  4. Hi Simon!

    I´ll try to answer some of your Q´s.

    I have tuned down my training a lot in recent years. I used to weigh almost 10kg more (muscle not fat) and I was really commited to working out. Nowadays I only try to maintain what little is left. You are completely right in that I am a skinny guy by nature with tiny waist/hips/ankles etc. My upperbody is actually not very big in volume but I agree that the contrast to my waist makes it look a bit unproportional at times.

    Glad you like the diversity in my dressing! As I have said before I do not attempt to look “great” each day I think it´s equally fun to look “interesting”.

    I´ll tell you have the blog got started… I used to work within fashion while living abroad a few years ago and I have many friends in the UK and the US witjin the fashion sphere. When I moved back to Stockholm, and started doing stuff completely unrelated to fashion, a few friends gave me a camera and we agreed that I should document my daily outfits so that they could approve . At first we sent the pics by email, then via skype and after that via blogging (I had one blog before this one which got out of hand with the number of vistiors etc. so I started up this one instead).

    I take one or two snapshots each morning in whatever I wear that day. This literally takes me 2 minutes. Unfortunatly that is about as much time I have to give the blog and hence style-tips, shopping ideas and more is (at least at this time) not something I plan to add to the blog. I appreciate all comments here from people I don´t know (my friends usually comment via skype) and I enjoy answering or debating questions that come up. But again, posts that take more time than this is not currently feasible…


  5. Hey TKL,

    I’m a subscriber to your blog and your daily posts help me with fashion ideas, so thanks!

    A few things puzzle me though – and I don’t expect you to answer – but a) How can you afford to only wear one outfit once? Do you mean you’ll only wear an item of clothes once and never again? And b) If so, how do you find the time to go shopping for clothes?! 🙂


  6. Hi Stephen!

    I wear my clothes more than once (although I struggle to wear them all) but i try to at least combine them in new ways so that the outfit is changed! When I shop I tend to shop a lot in real shopping sprees 🙂 I also order a lot untested/unseen in real life which saves time but also means that some stuff that arrive will not fit as i had hoped.

    Thnaks for commenting!


  7. you have awesome style. have you visited supertalk.superfuture.com before? you should post your “what are you wearing todays” on there. awesome site for denim and fashon.

  8. nevermind. i just found out you were kallun.

  9. you are incredibly well dressed. i visit this blog often for inspiration and you always manage to inspire, i always look forewards to seeing your next post.
    a couple questions though, (to help me figure out how on earth everything fits you so well) what are your weight/height/waist size measurements if you dont mind–and i understand if you do. everything fits you flawlessly so im just curious. thanks!

  10. Thanks a bunch KYP!

    I am about average height for a man and weigh a little less than average. I have fairly broad shoulders but a very small hip measurement.

    Great to hear you like the posts!


  11. Hi TLK,

    I am basically obsessed with your blog! I really think it is amazing how well you can mix and match your pieces of clothing. Now I look at your posts for ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I am glad I can be of some inspiration!

    All my best to you,


  13. Hi, TKL. first of all, I must say you are my ultimate style guru!!! I truly, absolutely and utterly adore your style. You give me that something more than inspiration about what to wear! Personally, I love that ‘I try to never wear the same outfit twice, I enjoy varying styles and some experimenting will be seen.’comment. which is written on this page above.

    It’s slightly different that the taste of wearing clothes between EU nations and my country or far east countries. not slightly, quite obviously it is..

    however, I like the way you dress and probably your lifestyle I suppose…

    with respect! from Seoul

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